About us

Alsalama Is a Sudanese insurance company established in (1992) with the efforts of a distinguished group of well-known Sudanese businessmen and the Sudanese Islamic bank being the main shareholder.
التامين الزراعي
الجمعية السلامة
إجتماع الجمعية العمومية شركة السلامة للتامين
دورة التامين الزراعي الابيض

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الجمعية العموميةلشركة السلامة4
مؤتمر العقبة للتامين مشاركة شركة السلامة
إجتماع الجمعية العمومية شركة السلامة للتامين
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Our mission

(AIC) provides financial protection and peace of mind for our customers. We deliver innovation and excellence in our services. In all we do, we are dedicated to going beyond the expected.

Our Values

In today’s uncertain world, (AIC) still stands strong by adhering to our foundation of values: we are people – focused and motivated by a genuine caring for our employees , policyholders , agents and community .

Our vision

Is to set the standard of excellence among insurance provides by being innovative , being financially strong , and exceeding customer expectations. We will attract and retain the very best employees and agents to help us achieve this goal.

Our fields

The company works in all areas of insurance, a distinguished group of trained carders follows up the insurance operations in underwriting and claims

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Reinsurance companies

We are members of

our investments

Almuhajir international services

Arab insurance institute

Alfalah trade investment

National reinsurance co. – Sudan

Arab Sundus printing and publishing

Multiple investments by the Khartoum Stock Exchange


: Khartoum – Sudan Khartoum East – Cross of Mustafa Alameen st. with Almotamer st.

Our hours

8:00 AM    4:00 Pm
Sunday  _ Thursday

contact us

Phone: 3313